News from the BIORIMA Project

A safe and sustainable society and environment are the two pillars on which our future stands, and both have to be continuously supported and protected by transparent, long-sighted and science-based regulation that is shared by all actors involved. BIORIMA is contributing to these ongoing new regulatory needs by developing novel methodologies that help us to obtain the knowledge and tools to manage possible risks associated with emerging new materials, such as nano-biomaterials (NBM), when used in medical applications.

The latest issue of the BIORIMA Newsletter (June 2021) is out now and downloadable from Zenodo, the BIORIMA website, and the BIORIMA Stakeholder Forum.

Some Highlights:

This edition reports on NanoTox 2021 proceedings and BIORIMA'S participation in EuroNanoForum 2021 before an overview of the speakers and topics at the forthcoming NanoSafety Training School, which takes place next week.

This is followed by some important updates from BIORIMA partners on their latest research developments and results, and news of hot-off-the-press publications.

We hope you find this issue of interest and wish you all a wonderful summer.

With thanks!

The BIORIMA Project