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Colorobbia Consulting S.r.l. is the services company of Gruppo Colorobbia, one of the biggest producer in the world of chemicals for ceramics. Gruppo Colorobbia is a world business company that produces and sells all over the world chemicals starting from raw material to frits (glass component of the glaze) and pigments. At present Gruppo Colorobbia has a turnover of 450.000 M€ and 1800 employees. Ce.Ri.Col, an advanced research center of the Group was strategically opened in 1999 for business diversification; its main activities are related to different field of research on nanomaterials and special glasses. The research centre is involved in more than 15 projects in different fields of application; textile, ceramic, glass, catalysis, energy, surface coating, biomedical and pharmaceutical. Ce.Ri.Col. became a department of Colorobbia Consulting in 2014. The laboratory is a reference for all the companies of the group. Two main research branches have been developed herein: 1) glass ceramics materials and their application and 2) nano-materials synthesis, scale-up and industrialization for biomedical and industrial applications.


Colorobbia Consulting S.r.l.
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